Saturday, April 28, 2007

I love little lambs

We went to our friend Jo's parents' farm this Friday/Saturday. Jo is married to Dave. They're pictured below. We know Jo and Dave from church. They're lovely. We went becuase Jo heard of my absolute love for little lambs. I think they are so cute and I've always wanted to hold and cuddle one. Her parents own a dairy and sheep farm. Score! Not only did I get my fill of little lambs (not literally...this weekend), we also happily consumed raw, unpasturized milk. That's a whole other story, but our ideal would be to drink/eat raw milk and cheese, as the pasturized stuff is void of all natural nutrients. It's difficult/illegal to get though... so this was a treat.

As Mark was petting this little lamb, it started nibbling his trousers!

This was one of many little lambs that I helped bottle feed. Mother sheep will have 1 - 6 lambs, on average 2 - 3. When they have more than 2, the extras are usually bottle fed as the mother doesn't usually have enough milk to provide for them all.

We were also fortunate enough to witness a 'lambing,' the actual birth of 2 little lambs. Within minutes they were both standing and walking! Amazing.

We ate lots of good food and played games on the green grass. It was a very nice and relaxing time. Thanks Jo and Dave!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The latest...

Enjoy the photos for now. We've both been SO busy.
Australia is still very much a go. We've already begun
preparations. We're still VERY MUCH excited about it!
We continue to feel confirmed about this huge decision.
Hope all is well.

At our good friend Keith's birthday dinner.

Aaaawwwww... such good friends =)

Our back garden after a freak snow storm! They say 'garden'
here instead of 'yard.' The back garden looks quite different now.
Besides not being covered in snow, Mark's parents helped me
tidy things up. I'll post an 'after' photo soon...

Mountain biking around Lady Bower Reservoir in the Peak
District. It's about 1 1/2 hours away, next to Sheffield.

The mountain bikers =)

Cambridge. While Mark's parents were visiting England, we
met up with them in Cambridge to visit the relatives. Above
is the river we went 'punting' on. Mark was our punter and
he impressively did not fall in, as many other punters did!
(The stick gets stuck in the mud while the boat keeps going...)

Cambridge. Kings College in the background.

Enjoy the photos for now. Mark and I have been SOOO busy.
We're still very much excited about Australia and we're
doing a lot to prepare for it. Hope all is well with you!

My good ol' buddy Danny Franz from Sierra Vista, living
in Cambridge... the day after his pirate party! They have
a sweet house, right across the river from Jesus Lawn.

Whitby. This photo doesn't do it justice. It's a very
picturesque costal town. We took the 'rents here for some
authentic fish 'n chips. They call those places "chippies."

Whitby Abbey-- one of my favourites! It's ghastly.

The beautiful Robin Hood's Bay. The houses you see are
the start a cute (and very steep) little village.

Mark and his canadian friend Kristen making silly faces.
She went to Trinity College with Mark, and now lives in
Salt Lake City, Utah. She's lovely! We had a great time,
and I discovered my latest favourite restaurant: Vanilla
Black. It's a vegetarian (i.e. fresh food) restaurant in York.