Sunday, November 18, 2007


It was a gorgeous evening. That's Melbourne in the background. Mark and I went for a leisurely stroll down the pier. Williamstown is about 30 minutes away from us. It's a little area on the bay's edge lined with restaurants, bars, and gelato shops.

These photos were actually taken a couple weeks ago. You wouldn't see me in so many layers these days! It's finally getting HOT. I wear skirts and short-sleeved shirts whenever possible now. Yaah!

So, at the moment, I'm feeling frustrated. I can't seem to be able to arrange my photos on blogger wherever I want them to go. What am I doing wrong? The 'help' said to just 'drag and drop.' When I try to drag, a little symbol of a circle with a line through it appears and prevents me from dragging and dropping. I'm left with boring photos-in-a-straight-line always. *sigh* I know there's worse problems to have in life. Poor me. It's also frustrating not having our own place, especially with holidays like Thanksgiving coming up.

Here's some good news though: we were accepted for a rental propoerty in Ballarat! We move in on December 15! Photos to come soon, at least of the outside. It's a cute, white-weatherboard, 2-bedroom house with a porch out front and lots of rose bushes. It's about 1 1/2 blocks away from the big lake in the center of Ballarat. The lake has a 6km track around it. It will be nice to be so close to it, especially in the summer.

This morning we went to the church we've been going to for a few weeks now. It's temporary, just while we're living in Hoppers Crossing. It appears to be a good church, and has nice people in it, but an observation I'm wondering if I should be alarmed about: the church is comprised of the same sociol/economic group of people (middle-class, white), and they don't appear to be making efforts to reach out to the poor of their community. They have a heart for global missions, which is great, but what about reaching out to the poor where they are? I must say that I loved how our church in England (Jubilee) was comprised of all colors of skin and social/economic groups. I loved that we reached out to the refugees and poor in our community. Doesn't Jesus call us to do that?? Well, we have made all of our present friends at this church, and they seem to be a good bunch of people. I think though, now that we have their contacts, we'll just maintain their friendships, skip church for the next month, and go camping instead! Mark and I can have our own church on the beach or wherever our chosen spot is. Then, come Dec 16, we will be able to start exploring church options in Ballarat. We already have one in mind called York Street Church of Christ. We went to it once and liked it. We'll probably try it out for a while.

I'm off to the store now to buy ingrediants for Christmas Cake. That's right, Christmas Cake. Recipes suggest you make it 8-weeks before consumption date, so I'm already late. During those 8-weeks I'm supposed to feed my creation Brandy. Glub glub. That's the noise my cake will be making as it eats the brandy I feed it. Mmmm. Christmas Cake. I never really like it until I tried some that Jo Maude's mom had made for their wedding cake. I also have high hopes to make my own mince pies! I need to focus on getting through Thanksgiving first. I'm organizing a big meal we're having at our friends' house on Tuesday night, as we're all busy on Thursday.

Happy early Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for blogs... it's a small way for me to keep in touch with you! I'm also thankful for my husband because he's the best =)