Thursday, August 06, 2009

A bit more organized now.

We managed to get a smile out of him for you here. He does smile and laugh every day, but overall I think he's more of a serious, thoughtful baby. Thanks for the birthday jewelry, Leigh!

Ok, so here was the first time we propped him up and realised he could stand while holding on to something! Notice his look of shock...

Kai LOVES feeding himself like a big boy. It makes a huge mess but I don't mind. I'm sure it's good for developing coordination! We give him avocado a lot. He enjoys it and I like all the healthy fats it has-- he needs the fat! You can just see one of his teeth sticking out. In this photo he was still at the vampire fangs stage.

A better look at those fangs! Thanks, Mark.

And then I dyed my hair and we celebrated our 4th anniversary and my 28th birthday! We went out for dinner at a nice restaurant with live jazz music.

And Mark bought me some gorgeous roses =)

Below is what I did on my birthday... I went to Melbourne with my friend, Bronwyn, plus her two kids and Kai! Three car seats in the back! Hamish, Kai's friend, is in the middle. They're all playing musical instruments. Fun!

We try to play the keyboard with Kai every day. He also likes watching daddy play the guitar!

Here's his first taste of bread... wheat-free millet bread.

Lookin' serious.

Standing so well!

Notice the whole row of teeth across the front now! He has 7 teeth in total now.

We'll pretend he's waving bye-bye. Hope you enjoyed the photos!