Monday, July 30, 2007

I come from a land down under

This is the airport in Shanghai. Surprisingly clean, modern and quite easy to get through without any knowledge of chinese at all!

This the clinic at Hoppers Crossing where Rachel and I will be living for the first two months while I cover a maternity leave for another Chiropractor. The building extends behind and all the clinic is on the main floor. Rachel and I will be living on the top floor. It's clean, new and there is lots of space. There is grocery store within walking distance.

I can never get my photos to stay right side up! Must be a rookie blogger thing. Anyway, this is one of the main streets in Ballarat. This is the pedestrianised area. There are lots of really nice coffee shops and restaurants here but I'm having to learn a new way to order coffee. Apparently I like flat whites and long blacks.

This is the other way down the same street.

A lot of the archetcture is between 100 and 150 years old and is quite beautiful and ornate. Rachel thinks that a lot of houses here leave something to be desired but I like the way the town looks. It's not pretensious but it has a certain charm that is remenisent of a time gone by.

Life here is going to be good. The clinic is heaving with patients and I'm going to be run off my feet. I am learning so much. I had no idea about treating kids before but I'm getting the hang of the whole thing. Learning the protocol is getting better too but they keep adding heaps more on to it!! It is so complex and precice but just watching Neil and the others is amazing. We are seeing babies with head asymmetry changing in a matter of weeks with only a few treatments. People come in unable to raise their arm above their shoulder and walk out able to raise it fully. We are already improving my examination skills and I can't wait to finally be on a level with the others that are here.

On the flip side, it's been really tough for Rachel and I to be apart for these three weeks. We still have four weeks to go. I'm totally looking forward to going to the states for a break in September and just having four weeks to spend with Rachel and family and friends.
More pictures will come soon, but blogger only seems to allow me to add five at a time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

St. Andrews, Scotland

Apologies for not blogging.

It has been an exhausting few months as we've been preparing for out move to Australia and had a visit from my parents. Now our belongings, Mark and my parents are... gone. Yes, I'm terribly sad without Mark. What were we thinking?! Well, theren't really weren't any other options. *sigh*

Anyhow, here are some photos for your viewing enjoyment.

As you can see, we recently took a trip to St. Andrews, Scotland. We went to celebrate the 60th birthdays of both of my parents. My dad got to golf on the famous Old Course, my mother had a spa day.


Lots of sad goodbyes. Below: Mark and Earl Gooden