Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just a few photos for your viewing enjoyment...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is how many days away??

I have been BuSy bUsY BuSy these past few days, and thankfully I have had three great helpers: Mary, Caroline, and Lizzie. What have I been up to? Oh... hosting Mark's work Christmas party last night where about 20 people came and 14 of them made chocolate houses. Then today, hosting my friend's baby shower... another 15 or so people were here and 2 more chocolate houses were made. Then tomorrow I am making a salad for about 30 people (for a church fundraiser). This is all in addition to cooking meals for myself and Mark and our FOUR house guests, and feeding a baby for almost an hour every 3 hours! Like I said, the girls have been helping out, and honestly I don't think I could've done it all without them! THANKS!

A quick sidenote: I've been offered some part-time work (teaching a few classes here and there) at the school I've been subbing/relief teaching at. I go in for an interview on Monday and will let you know more after that.

Kai meeting Grandma Colvin. Look, a smile!

This one's for you Leigh. Thanks for the cute outfit!

Bathtime with daddy-- yaah!

Chillin' underneath his play-thing, with Bucky at his feet.

He fell asleep on Caroline =)

And on to some chocolate house making, to carry on my mother's tradition. Everybody loved it, mom!

Kristine was very creative with her house. Notice the potted plants along the side: rolos with some green chopped up candy coming out of the top! Clever.

Notice the brickwork... more cleverness!

Next, on to craft-time. I haven't made much time for myself to do this, but it's been great doing it with guests. First, a way to re-use old light bulbs. Paint and hang!

Finally, some alterations to Kai's room. I tidied it for on thing. But, notice the artwork! I made that! Easy and fun.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Hi. Yah, this is me. I spend a good part of my days these days topless... always feedin' the little guy. I, of course, don't mind the topless bit but Mark is always kindly reminding me about the neighbors. =)

In case your interested... my stomach. I have this line through it now. Well, I had it when I was pregnant, but it is more pronounced now. I think that's where my stomach muscles separated. And my belly button feels absolutely cavernous. My whole stomach still feels squidgy. I don't think that's word, but that's how it feels!

Oh, so cute. Sleeping by mommy while she updates the blog.

And just a few cute faces...

Waving to you =)

By the way, thanks for the socks, Roz =) and thanks, Mom, for the Bamboo nappies! We love them! He's wearing them in these photos, with a green cover. You can check them out at

Kai has now slept in the bassinet the last two nights. It's gone well! We really enjoyed having him in bed with us, and might still bring him in for a cuddle, or even to sleep, but it's nice to have it all to ourselves every once in a while.

Calm baby...

Spaz baby! His arms go up with a jolt when he's startled in his sleep.

It says, "Kiss Me".

Monday, December 01, 2008

Meet Kai's friends, Dash and Kiani!

We celebrated American Thanksgiving while my mom was out here visiting, and invited the Lawsons as well... that's Deb and Toby, and their little one Dash. Dash was 5 days old here!

I wasn't able to get a turkey =( but we did have a delicious beef roast, yorkshire pudding, and a sweet potato casserole with marshmellows on top (below). They puffed up a little more than I anticipated! Such a dish is really strange to the Aussies, but all the ones I've made it for so far have loved it. Of course, we had pumpkin pie for dessert!

Dash is SO much smaller than Kai. He was 6lb something to begin with, but was still around that weight at Thanksgiving as they loose weight after they're born. I don't think Kai was ever less than 8lbs! Dash is such a cutie =) Below they're doing some cute tricks... Dash's little tongue is sticking out, and Kai is yawning. By the way, the outfit Kai is wearing says '3 to 6 months' on the tag. He was only 3 1/2 weeks here!

And, here's his little girlfriend, Kiani. She's the one that was born the day before Kai was. Again, Kai's putting his moves on... winking... "How you doin'?" His shirt says "Chicks dig me."

He was saying, "Mom, just feed me! Stop taking photos..."

And a bit more early Christmas cheer...

Mark and I are sleep deprived, though doing well. Kai has been feeding very frequently, going through a growth spurt I guess. The house is a wreck (don't look mom!) but oh well. Kai is healthy, we're happy. And in case you didn't hear, we were granted Australian permanent residency which gives us free health care and the right to do things like buy a house. It doesn't at all mean we'll stay here permanently... wherever God wants us to be we'll be.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kai meets Santa

It might be bit early to blog this, but...

Kai's first photo with Santa!

As the Aussie's don't celebrate Thanksgiving (we do, both the Canadian Thanksgiving in October and the American Thanksgiving which we are celebrating tonight with Deb and Toby and Dash!), the Christmas decorations go up in their stores in mid-November. We thought we'd beat the crowds and get a photo with Santa this early. Kai couldn't manage to stay awake =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grandma's here!

My mom arrived this week to meet her grandson, her first grandchild, for the first time. It was an emotional reunion at the airport!

We've been having a nice time together. The weather has been gorgeous, and we've been hitting up the shops every day, and cooking yummy meals at home. Thanks for the help, mom!

More emotions at home, but this time of the laughing sort! My mom seriously almost peed her pants at the sight of Kai... reminded her of some comedy skit where people wear clothes way too big for them (???). This little outfit and shoes are too big on Kai, but my mom insisted on trying them on him so my dear Aunt Jean who gave the outfit to him could see him in it. I don't think Kai was quite as amused as my mother was.

You know, just doing dishes... with a sleeping baby over my arm...

I think she got what she wants for Christmas...

A few other shots. Me trying out a baby back(front!) pack for the first time.

Such a funny face he's pulling! What do you think he's thinking? Prize for the best line!


My 3-week old baby. Yikes, look at his size! Someone at the mall asked me today how old Kai was. There guess was 3 months!

That's all for now... off to bed!