Sunday, December 02, 2007


Hi guys! Just a quick blog to send some more photos your way...

Below is our Thanksgiving dinner for you to see. I invited all of my co-workers at Starbucks (3 came) as well as some friends from church. Below, starting from the left is Sahar (from Pakistan), Matt, and Sandra (my manager from Canada), all three my co-workers at Starbucks. Then there's Corey, Joylee, Mel (married to Corey), Kath, Cliff (married to Kath, and he's an American!), all from church, and Mark. It was a great meal and good time with other thankful souls. Too bad I didn't get a photo of the Turkey Mark cooked, it was fabulous!

From the left: Kath, Cliff, Mark, me, Matt, and Sandra.

Jumping right along to the next holiday... this is our Christmas tree! Well, our Christmas eucalyptus bouquet. As we're moving on the 15th of Dec. it didn't seem to practical to get and put up a big tree. We also have very few ornaments, so the smaller the better! I like my Christmas bouquet... it makes our living room smell lovely, and very Christmas-y actually. The scent is strong, and similar to pine.

Finally, I went out on a hen day (sort of a bridal shower for you Americans) with some girls from church. We went indoor rock-climbing, then had a picnic in the park, and then back to one of the girl's houses for food, fun and games. It was a nice was to spend my Saturday afternoon. Below is a shot of me climbing a wall with two overhangs. I did manage to get to the top, which I am very proud of! It's the first time I've made it over over-hangs.