Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 12 (or 10 or 8?) Apostles

Here's the promised photos of the 12 Apostles! I'm not sure how many are still standing due to the fact that they're made of sandstone... apparently a few have washed away...

No baby yet. Looking forward to meeting him though! Trying to get all the last minute preparations done. Leigh and I made some meals for the freezer yesterday.

If you haven't done so already, check out the blog below... lots of new photos!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No baby yet, but lots of fun in the meantime!

We got a the new Macbook (yah!) and below I've had some fun editing various photos.

Leigh (my best friend from high school, here to support me during the birth) has unbelievably been here almost two weeks now!! It's been great and very natural having her around.

I just thought this photo looked cool. I was about 35 weeks here.


I requested that the attendees of my baby shower wear a tiara of wildflowers in their hair!

We then went and had a tea party with cupcakes in the park just down the road from our house.

We ate and drank and talked and shared and played a few silly games and opened presents and

they prayed over my belly =) The white yarn was a symbol of womanhood and unity and afterwards we cut the yarn and each girl took her piece home to tie somewhere to remember to pray for me.


I have a new friend name Debra (with the short dark hair and dark shirt and her back towards us in the baby shower photo) that I met at Aqua Mums. She lives in a country town named Gordon about 20 minutes outside of Ballarat towards Melbourne. Leigh and I went to visit her the other day and it was just gorgeous outside! Debra is due to have a little boy, Dash, about 4 weeks after me. How fun to know someone Kai can play with already!

This is the view across the road from her house.

And this is me trying to give one of her four sheep a kiss. I left out the photos of me chasing them, trying to catch them... I didn't succeed, but I hope my friends had a good laugh watching me run at 38 weeks!


Yep, I took Leigh here. It's the touristy thing to do. Contrary to some non-Australians popular belief, kangaroos are not bouncing to and fro through the neighbourhood, and koalas are not perched in the gum trees at the parks. We do see them in the wild, but not that often, and if it's a kangaroo it quickly hops away. So... here at the park one can feed and pet the creatures. Lucky for us, it's springtime, so there were lots of little roos in the pouches. Have a close look...

This little guy hopped out of his mother's pouch and proceeded to give himself a good belly scratch! It was very funny =)

Our favourite baby animal by far though was this little koala. Oh SO cute! Later his mother climbed over to another tree and proceeded to wrap her arms around him (below). Just precious!


At Erskine Falls, outside of Lorne.

On the road, picking wild Calla Lillies along the way.

Mark's best koala face.

Our campsite, right across from a stream and beautiful cliff face, and a 3 minute walk to the beach!

View from our campsite, to the right.

View from our campsite, to the left.

And that beach, a three minute walk away.

Still to come... photos from the 12 Apostles! Stay tuned...