Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's all about Rachel.

Yaah! I got to be a hippie last night! Once a month our church has a women's evening called Essence. It's like a mini-church service, just for women, to encourage women... and a bit more 'fun' than church. Anyhow, last night was themed, it was FAD night. When I saw that brown wool shawl thing with beads on it at the thrift/charity shop I reckoned it would be warm (and I was right) and went with it.

Here's the whole lot of us. Besides Kate, I also hang out with Anne, in the red on the left, and Jen, in the the very back on the right throwing a peace sign. Our pastor/pastor's wife is in the nice blue outfit in the middle left. Her name is Katie. We went shopping for our outfits together.

Katie talked about how Jesus isn't a fad... how we can't just choose to put him on at some times, and not at sometimes He's treated as a fashion accessory. It's all or nothing. It was a good, encouraging talk.

Later at home I chilled on the bed and the cat's decided to chill on my lap... the both of them!

I just thought the kitten was so cute sleeping in this one.

In other news I have started playing the guitar again. Kate, my hippie friend pictured above, is on the worship team at church and is trying to recruit me to play with her. We practised a bit today, so hopefully soon I will sharpen my skills once again and be able to use my musical talent however God might deem fit.

Our practise session followed my appointment at the mid-wives clinic which Kate kindly accompanied me to. It was really just filling out paperwork. Just that. Next week, on Wednesday actually, I have an 'anti-natal' appointment which I believe is with a doctor, so I'm assuming they'll do some more interesting things at that appointment. Kate offered to come with me to that one as well! The appointment today wasn't without complications though. Apparently the program I want to get into (Primary Mid-Wife) is a public program, and to be in it you have to have public health care. Well, I don't. At the moment I just have private. I wish I had public because it's FREE, but we won't have that until we're permanent residents, so pray that that happens SOON! They almost didn't accept me into the program which did worry me at first, and though I'm technically not accepted until my next appointment after the doctor confirms my birth is a low-risk one, I'm not worried about it now. I know God's looking out for me. I figure if all else fails Leigh and our 5th year doctor friend Paul can deliver our baby at home!

More baby news next week hopefully.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camping and Kitties

Hi! Mark is going to do a little blurb for this later, but in the meantime I thought I'd show you some recent photos.

Our latest camping trip to the Brisbane Ranges National Park with our friends Kath and Cliff.

Playing Settlers of Catan.

Just a pretty bird. Not sure the name.

A real live Kookaburra! Sitting in a gum tree even...

An afternoon stroll through a forest of gum trees.

Our new little kitty, Buckey, sitting next to Mark.

Bella didn't like Buckey at first, but now they're pals.

Lazy cat naps...

Too cute! Bella is sleeping in the dead-cat position and Buckey is in mid-yawn.