Monday, October 23, 2006

pumkins and crossed paths

Hello out there, I've got a bit of a slow morning so I thought I'd do a bit of blogging in between patients. We have some pictures but they are all on Rachel's phone and she is in Liverpool for the next few days so we'll have to try and get them on when we can. Last friday we had some people over for a bit of pre-halloween fun. We carved pumpkins. Most of them had never carved a pumpkin before! What do they teach these kids here?! We also made pumpkin pie, which I luuve. I always forget that when comparing Uk sizes and Canadian sizes that there are major differences. We'll post a picture later of the pumpkins that we saw in the local grocery store. The label says 'large pumpkin', in reality it is about 6 inches around. An extra large, would possibly qualify for a medium back home.
Sometimes the strangest things happen, this week I had contact again with someone that I thought that I may never see again. Isn't it strange how God allows different people to cross our paths at the most seemingly random moments in our lives? It made me realize that I still miss Canada and the friends I had there. After being away for 6 years I guess I had pushed those friendships deep down because I found it difficult to maintain a real friendship without those shared experiences. There is a good lesson to be learned there, I need to spend quality time with my wife, our future kids, our current families and most of all God. Without going through the experiences that form memories together it is difficult to say that you have a relationship. We can't live in the past and our actions speak louder than words. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology we can all keep a glimpse of what it going on in each others lives.