Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some familiar faces

p.s. For some reason the blog man wouldn't allow me to put exclamation points or question marks in this entry. Please add them in where appropriate as you read this yourself.

It was my good friend Casey Bailey's birthday yesterday... I thought I'd put a photo of him up on my blog to celebrate. Happy Birthday Casey. This photo was taken at Eric and Carolyn Meyer's wedding this past August.

This is a photo of me and Mark on the train in Munich on New Year's Eve.

Now to show you some of the people I work with. This is Caroline Flood, a lovely Christian young lady, a year or two younger than myself. She's great... can't you tell by that smile. She's also single guys... plan a trip out here to visit me (and meet her). Caroline and I work most closely together.

These are the other ladies in my office. From the left, the pregnant one is Joanne. She actually just had her baby... a little girl, on Jan 7th. Next is me, of course. Then we have Justine and Joanne (#2). They both moved here to help out with the church plant, and I was able to give them jobs with me. It makes for a nice office atmosphere. Then Caroline. Then Ginny (Virginia) our amazing administrator/receptionist. She does and excellent job.

Mark made it safely to and from Bournemouth, and as a couple madly in love, we are happy to be in each other's arms once again. Thanks for your prayers.