Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Blog

In case you didn't know, we're expecting a baby! I've created a blog in light of this momentous occassion coming soon (well, in early November). I tried to link it on the side but it was taking too long. For now, you can check out: if you want just thoughts on pregnancy and the arrival of the baby. If that doesn't interest you, no worries... I've spared you the baby talk! If it does interest you, however, check it out...

I've posted one photo on it so far... a belly shot. No, I'm not really showing yet... the baby is only the size of a blueberry! Mark thinks it's just my belly fat. Well, we can pretend, can't we?

In other news, we spent Easter weekend in Torquay, a surf town just south of us at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. We stayed in a less-than-nice (but cheap and available last minute) cabin at D'Oro Tourist Farm, and watched the Rip Curl Surf Pro during the day.

We watched a number of heats. Below are some shots from the women's competition.

Megan Abubo, an American competing against...

Steph Gilmore, an Australian and 2007 Women's Surfing World Champion Title holder.

Steph Gilmore ended up winning this competition in the finals two days later. Here she is signing autographs.

The winner get to ring this very bell.

That cabin I was telling you about...

The view across from our cabin.

A dead spider I found in the bathrooms at the Rip Curl Surf Pro. Not dissimilar to the two ALIVE spiders I found in the very tiny shower compartment at our cabin. Yah, I freaked. I just don't know if they jump here yet! Luckily the big, scary looking ones aren't AS deadly.

Mark went surfing a couple times this weekend as well. The beach was gorgeous, called 'Jan Juc.' I thought I had my eye on him the whole time. I kept waving at him, he kept waving at me... but when I went to snap a photo of him riding a wave, I realized...

It wasn't him. Mark was wearing a short-legged wet suit. So what's this guy doing waving at me??!