Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Auntie Gracie comes for a visit...

Miss Gracie Chisholm recently came for a whirlwind of a visit over her spring break from law school. We had a fantastic, albeit short, time together. I feel SO special that she would spend her airmiles to come visit ME (and Mark and Kai, of course).

Mel, Grace, Rachel, Kai
Mel is a chica that I totally dig and WISH I could hang out with more and get to know better. *sigh* She lives about an hour away from me though (in Hoppers Crossing, near Melbourne). Still, we try to hang out when our paths cross. Maybe one day our friendship will be fortuned to blossom and mature. I was glad Grace got to meet her.

Here's lookin' at you...

OK, so here I tried to comb Kai's hair into a mohawk. I'm not willing to put any product in it at this point, but I thought I'd give it a go after his bath while his hair was still wet.

"Yo, what up? Peace to my grammies and grampies out there. And a special shout out to Auntie Laura for giving me these super-cute jammies. Thanks!"

p.s. Mark said he did not notice Kai giving a peace sign in this photo. When I pointed it out to him he informed me that that is not a peace sign. It actually means... something not-so-nice in England. Oops!

Exhibit A: How to occupy a child while you are making dinner: give him some of the ingredients to play with! This lovely outfit is from Auntie Claire. She has excellent taste in baby boy clothes. (I still love the brown with stripes outfit... I just wish it would fit him longer!)

Yes, this is Kai. As we were driving Auntie Gracie to the airport, he was pulling all sorts of silly faces and I happened to catch this one on the camera! What luck. I was chucking (inside joke!) all the way to Melbourne...

I figured you hadn't seen Mark in a while, or Kai pulling a sad face.