Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the roads are unsafe once again!

Well, I passed. I've always thought I was a reasonably good driver but you know how it is with tests, there's always the little things that catch you out. I passed first time, which is good, the pass rate for the centre is less than 40% (due to driver's with not enough experience taking the test). Everybody thought I was crazy for not taking lessons first. I did borrow this set of books and interactive DVD's from someone to preview before taking the test. They were the awful hip-with-the-kids kind of cringy videos that you can just hear teenagers mocking all across the land but there were a few useful points.
Apart from that, Rachel is having toe surgery (again) tonight, so I'm staying home with her. Tomorrow we at home group, Thursday we are having Kevin and Sarah around to play settlers. I won last time and Kevin wants a rematch, and Friday we are hanging out with Matt and Nadine who have just moved to the area to be part of the church plant. I think that we are going to get along with them pretty well.