Monday, July 31, 2006

Conspiricy against Canadians

Okay, so I'm slow at getting the pictures on the blog. I've downloaded them onto the computer at home but I don't usually blog from there. I usually use the computer at work on my break. Today I am taking my drivers licence test at 11:41. Why? It's because the UK won't recognize my ability to drive a manual (standard) car. I had to trade in my Alberta drivers licence because it was expiring but when I did they said that I had to prove that I took my licence on a manual car or I would only qualify for a licence for automatics. This rule does not apply to Americans. Only Canadians. So, since I have a manual car I have to take the test again. They will allow you to have a manual licence if you can prove that you did your test on a manual but the Ministry of Transport in Canada doesn't keep a record of that and refuses to send a letter to verify what it cannot prove. Have you ever tried to drive like you did when you were trying to pass your test since you actually did your test? It's surprisingly hard. You just do things reflexively, like signalling and checking your mirror at the same time. Apparently here you also get marked down for gearing down instead of putting it in neutral and using the brake, something I failed my licence for not doing the first time around in Canada. I'm fairly confident that I can do it. If not, I'll be sure to wave when you pass me on the bus.