Friday, August 15, 2008

Third trimester, already??

We can't believe it.

I am feeling more pregnant these days... because I'm feeling more pregnant and looking more pregnant! The belly is finally starting to get in the way, and with that I'm more achy and am not sleeping as well (but managing just fine). I'm finally starting to take naps =)

From the front (and back), I'm (thankfully) still not really looking pregnant. Mark decided to throw in some model shots =)

Not a very good wine ad... with a pregnant woman in front! I didn' think of that. This was taken at a going away party for one of Mark's colleagues, Sarah.

Last but not least, two people I dearly love... my brother, Reid, and his best friend, Tim, at Tim's wedding this past July. I miss you guys! Wish I could've been there...

I'm off to the gym. Been going 3 times a week. Trying to stay fit! Later... -Rachel