Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is how many days away??

I have been BuSy bUsY BuSy these past few days, and thankfully I have had three great helpers: Mary, Caroline, and Lizzie. What have I been up to? Oh... hosting Mark's work Christmas party last night where about 20 people came and 14 of them made chocolate houses. Then today, hosting my friend's baby shower... another 15 or so people were here and 2 more chocolate houses were made. Then tomorrow I am making a salad for about 30 people (for a church fundraiser). This is all in addition to cooking meals for myself and Mark and our FOUR house guests, and feeding a baby for almost an hour every 3 hours! Like I said, the girls have been helping out, and honestly I don't think I could've done it all without them! THANKS!

A quick sidenote: I've been offered some part-time work (teaching a few classes here and there) at the school I've been subbing/relief teaching at. I go in for an interview on Monday and will let you know more after that.

Kai meeting Grandma Colvin. Look, a smile!

This one's for you Leigh. Thanks for the cute outfit!

Bathtime with daddy-- yaah!

Chillin' underneath his play-thing, with Bucky at his feet.

He fell asleep on Caroline =)

And on to some chocolate house making, to carry on my mother's tradition. Everybody loved it, mom!

Kristine was very creative with her house. Notice the potted plants along the side: rolos with some green chopped up candy coming out of the top! Clever.

Notice the brickwork... more cleverness!

Next, on to craft-time. I haven't made much time for myself to do this, but it's been great doing it with guests. First, a way to re-use old light bulbs. Paint and hang!

Finally, some alterations to Kai's room. I tidied it for on thing. But, notice the artwork! I made that! Easy and fun.