Monday, December 01, 2008

Meet Kai's friends, Dash and Kiani!

We celebrated American Thanksgiving while my mom was out here visiting, and invited the Lawsons as well... that's Deb and Toby, and their little one Dash. Dash was 5 days old here!

I wasn't able to get a turkey =( but we did have a delicious beef roast, yorkshire pudding, and a sweet potato casserole with marshmellows on top (below). They puffed up a little more than I anticipated! Such a dish is really strange to the Aussies, but all the ones I've made it for so far have loved it. Of course, we had pumpkin pie for dessert!

Dash is SO much smaller than Kai. He was 6lb something to begin with, but was still around that weight at Thanksgiving as they loose weight after they're born. I don't think Kai was ever less than 8lbs! Dash is such a cutie =) Below they're doing some cute tricks... Dash's little tongue is sticking out, and Kai is yawning. By the way, the outfit Kai is wearing says '3 to 6 months' on the tag. He was only 3 1/2 weeks here!

And, here's his little girlfriend, Kiani. She's the one that was born the day before Kai was. Again, Kai's putting his moves on... winking... "How you doin'?" His shirt says "Chicks dig me."

He was saying, "Mom, just feed me! Stop taking photos..."

And a bit more early Christmas cheer...

Mark and I are sleep deprived, though doing well. Kai has been feeding very frequently, going through a growth spurt I guess. The house is a wreck (don't look mom!) but oh well. Kai is healthy, we're happy. And in case you didn't hear, we were granted Australian permanent residency which gives us free health care and the right to do things like buy a house. It doesn't at all mean we'll stay here permanently... wherever God wants us to be we'll be.