Saturday, December 06, 2008


Hi. Yah, this is me. I spend a good part of my days these days topless... always feedin' the little guy. I, of course, don't mind the topless bit but Mark is always kindly reminding me about the neighbors. =)

In case your interested... my stomach. I have this line through it now. Well, I had it when I was pregnant, but it is more pronounced now. I think that's where my stomach muscles separated. And my belly button feels absolutely cavernous. My whole stomach still feels squidgy. I don't think that's word, but that's how it feels!

Oh, so cute. Sleeping by mommy while she updates the blog.

And just a few cute faces...

Waving to you =)

By the way, thanks for the socks, Roz =) and thanks, Mom, for the Bamboo nappies! We love them! He's wearing them in these photos, with a green cover. You can check them out at

Kai has now slept in the bassinet the last two nights. It's gone well! We really enjoyed having him in bed with us, and might still bring him in for a cuddle, or even to sleep, but it's nice to have it all to ourselves every once in a while.

Calm baby...

Spaz baby! His arms go up with a jolt when he's startled in his sleep.

It says, "Kiss Me".