Monday, November 10, 2008

Kai Maddox Colvin is home now...

Hi everyone! Mom and baby Kai are doing well. Mom is tired and sore, as would be expected, and Kai is keeping her busy with all the feeding he's doing, but she's happy and recovering. She is so pleased with how her labour and birth turned out. She is all too eager to show everyone the bare bottom photos (she gave birth leaning over the bed) and birth video! Let her know if you do want to see them ;) We're saying the labour was seven hours long, but Rachel was in denial the first four hours... thinking that her discomfort was perhaps gastro/diarrhea. By the time she figured it probably was labour, she didn't really have time to embrace that crazy wonderful thought... she was just going with the contractions... trying to focus... employing all she learned while a runner at her high school (many thanks to her coaches!). We just about had the baby at home, but made it to the hospital and had the baby within the hour! Her waters broke (with a LOUD pop, like a water balloon bursting) just as we got to the birthing suite, and the baby came out shortly after. She actually didn't realize when she had birthed the head, and was trying to figure out what Mark meant when he told her, "I can see his face!" His head dangled in mid-air for about 15 seconds, until Rachel's next contraction. The environment in the hospital was peaceful and quite with just a little bit of afternoon sunshine coming in through the curtains. Mark caught little Kai coming out. Rachel is so pleased that she was able to stay at home for so long and have a natural vaginal birth with no epidural and no tearing! She does have 'grazing' though, which has caused a lot of discomfort, but the pain is thankfully subsiding. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during this time.

The happy family

Happy mum

Singing 'Happy Birthday' to baby Kai. Friend Kate brought the cake and the '0' candle =)

Kai's first bath! He seemed to really like it...

After the bath, getting all dried off and warmed up.

Mum and bub snoozing in bed

Proud Auntie Leigh!

Our friends had their baby girl, Kiani, the night before Kai was born. They were right across the hall from us. Kai is already putting his moves on here. First girlfriend perhaps??

Mum getting the hang of breastfeeding. It's been going amazingly well, too easy even. Kai attaches well and eats... all the time it seems.

At home, the cats first weren't sure what to think of the little guy. They seem to be taking a liking to him now. Bella even snuggled with him last night (photo soon to come)!

Proud daddy

BIG yawn!

Fast asleep...