Sunday, November 23, 2008

More to the meaning...

We discovered the name Kai while in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Kai means "ocean" in Hawaiin. FYI, Kai's middle name, Maddox, was discovered by Leigh while out here in Australia for my birth. Maddox is of Welsh origin, and means "good," "generous," and "son of the benevolent one." I like that last meaning because it's a challenge for me to be "marked by or disposed to doing good, or organized for the purpose of doing good." Back to the name good friend, Eric Meyer, has since enlightened me to additional meanings within the name, making me like the name even more...

First, the pronunciation of "Kai" is the same as the greek letter "chi" which is the first letter of "Christ" and often stands as a symbol for the whole word. The "chi" is the "x" in x-mas and the "ch" in "Ichthus".

Second, "Kai" means "and" in Greek (sorry for all the Greek). That makes me think of the Waterdeep song, which I've never totally understood, where they refer to Jesus as "and" throughout the whole song.

"And is the juice in the joints of emotional life,
and is the love that is between God and his beautiful wife,
and has two hands and two feet and a long lovely side,
and rose three days after he was crucified."

Pretty cool, eh?