Thursday, July 27, 2006

Everybody's going to war

So, there's more fighting in the middle east. I don't believe that we will ever see a lasting peace in the region. Generations that grow up with hatred don't easily let it go. I used to feel that there was hope for Northern Ireland but until the intervention of God's mercy there will be no peace. It's kind of hard looking from the outside in to understand what makes one man's hatred for another become their all consuming thought. It seems that being forced to be in close proximity to other people who have fundamentally different philosophies combined with poor or slow economic growth is a receipe for disaster. An us vs them mentality that becomes about blaming all your troubles on someone else. The kids in the high schools here hate immigrants because they feel that they reduce their chances to get a council house (social-subsidised housing). The level of ignorance here sometimes astounds me. I think that it is so dangerous when people start to think that because they were born somewhere, that gives them certain fundamental rights that nobody from the outside should have as well. I think that all of us who've had the privilege of living in north america should be thankful that we can live without the fear of hatred. Yes, I know that there is racism and gang warfare and the have vs the have nots but for the most part most of us are worried about if we are going to miss our favourite show, or if our team is doing well, or if our kids are going to get place on that team they were trying out for, not will one of my family die today. To summerize I'll quote Moxy Frouvous (a canadian band from the 90's) "What makes a person so poisonous righteous That they'd think less of anyone who just disagreed? She's just a pacifist, he's just a patriot If I said you were crazy, would you have to fight me?
So we read and we watched all the specially selected news and we learned so much more 'bout the good guys. Won't you stand by the flag? Was the question unasked. Won't you join in and fight with the allies? What could we say...we're only 25 years old? With 25 sweet summers, and hot fires in the cold. This kind of life makes that violence unthinkable, we'd like to play hockey, have kids and grow old.
Fighters for Texaco, fighters for power, fighters for longer turns in the shower. Don't tell me I can't fight 'cause I'll punch out your lights and history seems to agree that I would fight you for me that us would fight them for we."