Thursday, July 20, 2006

food folk and fun (without McDonalds)

okay, so now I'm getting some flak from my family for not telling them that I was doing a blog. Well you can all just settle down because I haven't told anyone that I was writing a blog. I was just going to write a few and let there be a little bit of a build up before I announced to anyone that there was anything worth reading. So, quite frankly, I'm surprised that you even found it in the first place.
Now that I have your attention, I might as well have your help. As mentioned below, I don't have a clue with all things computer related. I would like some help with the following: Change and update my profile page, change my background, learn how to post other things (like some people I know have cool background music when you log in to their blogs) And yes, both of you can link me to your blogs. If you tell me how, I'll do the same for yours.
Anyway, here's the update for the week. Last night we had people over for dinner. Rach met this guy at the library who is from Minniapolis and he and his partner are both living and working in Beverley for the next 3 months. We had them and Ed and Lesley over. Ed is a british boat pilot, and his wife Lesley is from California. So, we had a big ol' America fest in our backyard last night. We made great food. Starters was garlic bread but try this next time. Crush garlic, add butter and add pesto. Add in liberal amounts to fresh french bread and grill. Mmmmm. Then we had a split pea and sausage soup that Rach made up with Raspberry Mojitos that we invented. Try it next time you go out. Have them make you a Mojito and ask them to add some raspberry puree. Mmmmm. Then for dessert we were going to have Pavlova but it got too late so we had coffee with Timtams. If you've never had a timtam, you've obviously never known any real australians. They are a chocolate covered biscuit that you bit opposite corners off and use as a straw to suck coffee up into it and then shove the whole thing in your mouth as it melts. Hmm. I'm obviously going to have to take some pictures and post a sequence of how to do this.
Anyway, we had good food, new friends and a good time was had by all.